• Launching our first title as Thunderful Publishing – HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON by Gothenburg studio Skygoblin – I sat up a tournament and booth area at Dreamhack Winter 2018 in Sweden, Jönköping.
    • As newly appointed Event Manager – I was responsible for building and arranging Thunderful’s booth at PAX West, in Seattle, USA.
    • During this year’s Gamescom in Köln, Germany conducted business meetings and founded relations that will last for life.
    • Planned and executed a very successful PAX East in Boston, US together with Zoink!.
    • As part of Thunderful AB, I represented Zoink! during EGX Rezzed in London, UK.
    • Met Geralt the Witcher IRL (aka Doug Cockle). No joke. See below.


  • Joined the marketing team at Image & Form, just in time to work with the launch of SteamWorld Dig 2 and during Gamescom.


  • Started working full time at Tobii AB as Marketing Coordinator – attending gaming conventions to demo eye tracking and building long lasting relations with influencers, there among attending my first Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.
  • Graduating as B2B IT Solutions Sales Representative from IHM Business School.

Failure does not equal GAME OVER. It means you are on the way to LEVEL UP. So try again with more passion feeling confident you just earned a heap of XP-points!


  • Started my internship at eye tracking company Tobii AB. Part of Tobii support team for MSI at Dreamhack Winter 2015. Live interview on Swedish national radio show P3 Spel regarding eye tracking.
  • Was part of the PR and Social Media team at Zoink Games and Image & Form as an intern. Wrote a couple of entries for their blog; e.g. herehere and here.


  • Became Online Community Manager for Retrospelsmässan and part of the organizing crew for this 3000+ visitor convention. The main task managing social media, but also being featured and representing Retrospelsmässan in different media as papers, radio and podcasts.
  • Had pizza with the brilliant Charles Martinez.
  • As part of my plan to get employed in the gaming and/or tech industry, I started IHM Business School .

Seriously. If going for a pizza dinner with Super Mario and/or Paarthurnax is not a Real Life Achievement I don’t know what is.


  • Volunteered as a community moderator for Electronic Arts Swedish Facebook page.




  • A lot of people work doing stuff that is fun AND productive. Why can’t I? Of course I can! As my second time as a sole proprietor, decided to market my personal brand.
  • Visited Comic Con Gamex in Kista, Sweden for the first time as a blogger.


  • Bought my own domain and designed my personal website. You’re here now, so no link. 😉

Before that:

  • Played a lot of games.
  • Still not satisfied? Head to my contact session.

Yours Truly,
Paulina a.k.a. MsGamer